MongoDB for Java Developers

This article reviews the MOOC course: MongoDB for Java Developers.

I would rate this course as 9/10. It is a good entry level MongoDB course for Java Developers.

The seven week course includes topics such as introduction, CRUD, scheme design, performance, aggregation framework, application engineering, case studies and a final exam.

You can find a full list of videos here.

The course consists of quiz, weekly homework, and a final exam. The weekly homework counts 50% score and final exam counts 50% score. Besides the MongoDB knowledge, the course also teaches people to implement some functions of a blog using Freemarker, Spark and MongoDB.

This course is a good preparation for the MongoDB Certified Developer Associate. However, you may need to read MongoDB books and official documentations to pass the exam.

Because the mongo shell works directly with Javascript code, the Java example is not complete in this course. You can check the complete MongoDB Java Examples here.

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