Mining Massive Datasets

This article reviews the MOOC course: Mining Massive Datasets.

I would rate this course as 8/10. The content of this course is mainly based on the instrutors’ book Mining Massive Datasets.

The seven week course includes a huge amount of contents related to MapReduce, link analysis, minihash, locality-sensitive hashing, distance measures, frequent itemsets, data stream mining, large graph analysis, recommender systems, dimensionality reduciton, clustering, computational advertising, SVM, decision tress.

The course consists of quiz and two final exams. You can choose the basic or advanced versions or both to get a SOA or SOA with distinction. You can try each quiz for 100 times, so you will get nearly 100% score for the quiz at last.

However, this course may be more suitable as an introduction course for each topic. You should dive into each topic by reading more related books and doing more programmings.

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